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Latest Eyewear, Perfect for You.

Every frame on display in our eyewear boutique has been hand selected by one of our eyecare experts. We are proud to bring you the newest designs and quality craftsmanship from all over the world.  Come in to try on frames handmade all over the world, and while in store, book a 1 on 1 consultation to go over ideal frame shapes, colors and sizes. At this time we will discuss lens options best suited for your needs. For better vision, overall health and wellbeing we have hand-selected our favorite and robust lenses for all types of tasks. Talk to us about your eyewear needs - from everyday wear, protective gear, safety glasses, swimming goggles, snowboarding or ski goggles, UV protection under various lighting conditions, blue light filters, transitional lenses, polarized lenses, computer tasks or reading - we are here to help! - Dr. Amarjot Chahal

Our office offers in house frame selection. We then offer solutions for custom orders for single vision distance or reading glasses, progressives or bifocals, office or computer glasses and other options.

We have an array of lens options which can vary from entry level and affordable to custom and premium. 

We offer the following coatings:

Scratch Coat and UV Protection

Anti-Reflective Coating

Blue Filters and Coatings

Transitions and Polarized Lenses

Enhanced Color Coatings

Anti-smudge, Anti-dust and Anti-Fog.




You can count on one of our professionals for custom frame fittings and adjustments. We understand how uncomfortable a tight or loose frame can be, and how it can impede your vision. This is why we are here to provide you with an adjustment or repair solution. If you have your own well loved frames which need adjustments, we are happy to have a look at them and provide you with adjustment solutions.​

Child with Contact Lens

Contact Lenses are a great alternative to prescription eyewear. They can provide  you with  exceptional vision  and  comfort. 

Children's contacts  are becoming more popular for  sports and myopia control. 

Ask one of our  staff if  you are  interested in trying  contact  lenses. Our  doctors  also refit patients wanting  to try different  types  of contacts such  as:

-colored  lenses
-silicone hydrogels
-contacts for  digital lifestyles



We accept payment from most insurance plans, and can check to submit claims electronically, on your behalf. We accept Interact, Visa, MC & Cash.


Unit #1-120 Mill St E
Tottenham ON,

Phone: 905-936-6111

Fax: 905-936-5111


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Comprehensive & Pediatric Eye Care

Vision Therapy and Neuro-Optometry

Urgent & Emergent Eye Care

Dry Eye Management & Treatment

Contacts and Lasik Surgery

Glaucoma Testing and Management


Monday        9 to 5

Tuesday        9 to 5

Wednesday  9 to 5

Thursday      11 to 7:30

Friday           9 to 5

Saturday*     Appt (9-3)

Sunday         Closed


*The Optometrist is available alternating Saturdays, if you require a Saturday appointment please call our office directly at 905-936-6111


Note: The office is closed for all Public and  Statuary Holidays in Ontario, Canada and any changes to our schedule may be updated online. Please call ahead.                                           

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